Frequently Asked Questions

How are the buses built?

Sammy Coachworks currently for sale buses were built using Roblox's CSG engine, however it's rubbish so I have since moved on to model my vehicles in Blender.

Do you sell your buses for Robux?

You can purchase the base model versions of the Alexander RL & Alexander PS on the Robux store by clicking here. You must be in our Discord server to collect your order.

Would you do commisions?

Probably not, my middle name is Burnout (probably). So It would be an absolute disaster to try and commision me to do anything.

Will you livery buses for me?

No. You will have to do liveries yourself, but if you're in luck a livery you might want could be in livery packs that I sell. Find out how to make your own CSG liveries.

Will you do giveaways?

Not me personally, but the Freeware page is kind enough to be giving you free stuff.