Frequently Asked Questions

How are the buses built?

Sammy Coachworks currently for sale buses were built using Roblox's CSG engine, however it's rubbish so I have since moved on to model my vehicles in Blender.

Do you sell your buses for Robux?

Yes, there are ongoing trials of Robux Sales going on throughout July 2023 to see if it's worthy of keeping as an option to customers.

Would you do commisions?

Probably not. I like to focus on buses I want to build or I think will be popular with customers. Doing commisions would put alot of pressure on me and I wouldn't enjoy doing them. And you'd want your money back, trust me.

Will you livery buses for me?

No. You will have to do liveries yourself, but if you're in luck a livery you might want could be in livery packs that I sell. Find out how to make your own CSG liveries.

Will you do giveaways?

Maybe not directly giving away buses but I'd like to do gift card giveaways for ClearlyDev when they have them for sale. Or whatever website I sell my assets on. (only CD as of now...)