Our Parnters

We partner with fellow Asset Sellers and Roblox Groups go and check them out!

Kaneko Sales

We are a transport sales community that mostly provides bus related assets from maps, map scenery, scripts, vehicles and more.


BloxBus is one of ROBLOX's newest operators, providing the highest quality services with highly detailed, luxury vehicles that you won't want to miss.

Interurban Sales

We are a CSG based roblox bus sales with high quality buses which include fully implemented controls with no added cost! Buses can be purchased either on Roblox (R$) or on Clearly Dev (£)

Project Tyne & Wear

Project Tyne & Wear is a joint project between brickbus & paultyreman. The game features semi-realistic representations of areas around Tyne & Wear and parts of Country Durham

Dy1an Development

We are one of the leading companies across the market. Want to join in? Purchase popular assets ranging in all areas? With dedicated Developers and Support Agents your demands will be met. Click the links below to see our ClearlyDev Store and our Discord. What's stopping you? 


AutoLoop Recovery are a Roblox vehicle recovery company that were founded in 2021 by Vendablebackup. They are yet to operate anywhere since the closure of their former operations but were happy to be our first partner! 

Want to partner with us?

Unfortunatley as of 29/07/2023 we are no longer on the lookout for new partners... we appreciate if you were interested in doing so. There is no set time for this to reopen.